Inspire Real Estate – Introduction

Yes, these are exciting times. For real estate investors, developers and managers, there has never been a better opportunity to re-think how your assets will satisfy the evolving human needs of your tenants, residents, partners, and consumers.

We seek to help the real estate community maneuver through these exciting times. We inspire our clients to jointly create and execute strategies to meet the evolving dining, drinking, and leisure needs of consumers. At Inspire Real Estate Advisory, we seek to put the heart and soul back into real estate by creating exciting destinations for socializing, dining, drinking laughter, and fun.

The COVID-19 virus could in fact be a blessing. Poland has enjoyed unprecedented development within all real estate asset classes creating a modern portfolio of well-located buildings. However, many markets in Poland quickly reached saturation leaving most assets in desperate need of repositioning or re-development strategies. In ‘normal’ times, such assets would be ignored. Covid has forced all parties (investors, developers, architects, tenants, and consumers) to collaborate, to discuss and create, and to re-think how physical real estate – not only the buildings, but the synergistic tenancy and their underlying lease conditions, the common areas and support services, the colors, materials, lighting, sound, and smells – will all combine to meet the future needs of end-users. No one can predict today how our cities and real estate projects will evolve when things return to a ‘new normal,’ but it is clear that Covid has created sector disruption and the future value of our assets will depend on how we stand up to this challenge and this immediate need for change.

We know real estate. We know how to create, lease, market and operate complicated food, beverage, and leisure businesses. We have been doing this for over 25 years. We look forward to working with you to create strategies that will drive targeted consumers to your assets who will drive higher turnover and thus rental income and asset value of your properties.

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