Food Halls

Our mission

Inspire builds stronger community by curating exciting food halls where creativity and entrepreneurship flourish.

Our vision

We imagine a network of community-focused food and maker markets where citizens and tourists gather and share in local and international culture and cuisine. We seek to nurture a platform for entrepreneurial growth, a marketplace where adventurous consumers can play an active role in creating their local food and retail landscape.

Our values

Nurture Connections

We build community by connecting creative minds and curious consumers in a single marketspace.

Celebrate Creativity

We seek ways to nudge our Operating Partners – the young chefs, makers, and entrepreneurs - to ‘wow’ consumers with endless new creations.

Take (Smart) Risks

Our entrepreneurial ecosystem encourages risk-taking – to be experimental, nimble, and adaptable. We never stop seeking ways to meet the ever-changing needs of the community.

Share the Success

We celebrate collaboration and win-win. We rely on the open sharing of information, success stories, and skills for collective success.

Keep It Real & Be Authentic

From our relationships, to the food we make and the things we create, we believe in honesty and sincerity and in delivering sincere value for our consumers.

Throw A Great Party

Our marketplace environments enable entrepreneurs to thrive and provide our guests – families and friends – an exciting venue to create and share wonderful experiences to be remembered forever.